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I had to choose to get out of a lesbian relationship that was toxic to me and not who I was. I had to choose to stop selling myself short sexually and emotionally with men that would never give me what I truly desired. I had to choose to cut ties with the man that should’ve been the one to provide and protect me. I had to choose to stop being friends with people who did nothing but take from me and care nothing about my future or well being.

I had to choose! No one chose for me

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To You, Forever

The pigment of this unknown man that I so longed for haunted me. Every time I would celebrate a new relationship for a friend, write a wedding card for another, or flip through insta stories of “first christmases as husband and wife” this ghost of a man would haunt me, calling my name. But scared, I stood on the shore of my own dreams and allowed them to sail me by. Never giving words to my thoughts or hopes to my dreams.

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