New Year, Who Dis?

Ah, New Years Eve… a time to reflect on the year past, make a list of all the hopes and dreams that you hope to accomplish in the coming year and a reason to party out the last remaining minutes of the current year. How many of you have given up on New Year resolutions? “I just always fail at them, so I never see the point!” I heard someone say. “I’ve never really gotten into them.” I heard another say. If I’m being honest, I have been one to say both of those sentences. Always with the greatest intention I wrote resolutions but they were just another way for me to fail in life. A set up for disappointment and a reminder once again of my lack of discipline and drive.

So what did I do? I stopped writing them.

Every year New Years came and every year it brought disappointment for me. Every year, it served as a reminder of a year that had passed with no fulfillment of promises longed for. A year that had passed where nothing changed for me. A year with no adventure or grand experiences. Another year where I had the same answers to the same questions. A disappointing end to a year that had so much potential.

Have you been there? Stuck in the cul-de-sac of mediocrity and so disappointed with the outcome, yet stuck in the circle unsure where to exit. Disappointment felt like the autopilot response, it felt like even if I wanted to react differently there wasn’t room for change. My heart desperately longed for a different outcome. Anything other than disappointment. Sometimes in our humanness we forget about the journey we took to get where we are and become obsessed with the destination. Not realizing that it is in the journey where new life forms, lessons are learned that begin to shape who we will become and the truth about our purpose is revealed. Life begins outside of fear and comfort.

Have you ever considered that if you revisit your disappointment,
God can give you a new perspective on it- one that can become a tool to help others?

Wherever you are this New Years Eve, don’t let disappointment be your pilot. If you are desperate for change than move. If you are desperate for dreams, than open your mind. If you are desperate for new, than prioritize growth. Excuses will always be readily available. And whether you like it or not, New Years will come again in 365 days. So whether you are a resolution writer or not, don’t stay in the same place. Don't sit in the drivers seat of your life and expect someone else to drive. The circle of mediocrity will always be round and your view will never change.

Skye SeaeyComment